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Wake Up Love!

When the Hebrews were on their journey to redemption, they were distracted. They were stubborn. They were lacking structure. Moses was trying to lead them to the promised land, but they wouldn’t listen. The problem with the current system is that, it has taught us to pay attention to all the wrong things. I would say that we as Black people currently have more distractions than the Hebrews of the bible – which was us too. However, everything that sounds good isn’t right, and getting to the root of the issue is more beneficial than fighting for surface issues.

Many people have many things to say, the truth is, you may never know who’s really telling the truth by media alone, that’s why we pray. We pray for God to wake us up! Wake up and free ourselves of the nonsense things that have kept us drowsy. Those distractions slow us down, and they are strategic in keeping us away from our promise. As I said in yesterday’s post, Black people in America are amongst the biggest group of spenders/consumers! However, we spend more than we earn, so that means debt must be a thing. Trust me, I know that many white Americans have the advantage of having higher credit, lower interest rates, and benefits based on not worthiness, but privilege. It doesn’t mean we have to be like them. Being too busy watching the Jones’s will get you caught up, slow down a bit, everything that glitters isn’t necessary. Am I saying people shouldn’t have nice things? No. I am saying that why does it have to be from a specific name brand bag or blouse who doesn’t have any 1 person who looks like you in their ads, has publicly disrespected people who look like you in their establishments (even the rich ones), and contributes no form of wealth to communities of people who look like you. What is the point of us getting wealthy if we give it right back to the people who use that dollar to oppress us? When we are fighting for our lives, we have to choose if the bag and blouse is more important than our grandchildren’s future.

Well, wake up, love! Support businesses of people who look like you, melanated queen! In fact, melanated queen, start that creative tech business, or that music streaming business. Nobody is allowed to have a monopoly, if they want to compete, let them, just stay in your lane and thrive. We are more than clothes and things that we consume, we make those things, we come up with ideas, we are innovative; don’t look too far at what’s in the present to let it deter you from what’s been put inside of you since before you were born. – register today!

~Ndidi Love~

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