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Video of My Advocacy Work with Congress… Requested!

Hello all! So you know my Dear Black People™ Webinar Series is coming up on January 26, 2020, and a page on IG that shared my event requested that at I show a video of my advocacy work I did this past summer. This does not at all encompass all the work I’ve done, but it’s work I’ve done on video, as the meeting was conducted on Zoom. The purpose is to show how to speak up, how to answer certain questions that may try to throw you off task, and how to advocate for the whole Global Black Diaspora as we’re advocating for ourselves in America. So here’s the video of my meeting with the office of Congressman John R. Carter (R) on June 4, 2020. Again, I did not make this about political parties, my message was clear regardless of party, it wasn’t about them, it was about us as Black people. This was the first of 23 meetings! ~ register today!

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  1. […] Last but not least, I am doing my 2nd round of reaching out to members of Congress and the Senate, for a full list of initiatives on behalf of the Black Community. This is to create one authentic sound and due our duty of accountability as citizens! This time, I am also reaching out to partner with liberated organizations as well. Check out a meeting from the first round of meetings! […]

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