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The Cookout Is Closed

Again, if your house was falling, would you pay for somebody else’s? There are some philosophies, such as an eye for an eye, that we have to apply to certain situations. When building yourself back up, you don’t let toxic people in, right? Ok then, so why do we keep extending this cookout when we have literally run out of food. Well, spiritually and physically. As black people, we need rest, we need to fill ourselves back up, and pour into one another. Therefore, the cookout is closed.

Black people’s spending in the United States of America is literally more than the income, and it’s not on our businesses, that’s a real statistic people. We are making the lives of other people great, while not benefiting our own, it doesn’t only matter if individuals are doing well, we have to, like other communities, build each other up. Even though it’s a process, it is slowed when we keep inviting to the cookout, giving all these other ethnicities, mainly white people, extra food and trying to feed ours too.

It doesn’t matter many Lauryn Hill songs they know, or how many tik tok dances they do, they will be fine just admiring the culture from afar. Just let us be us 🌟

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