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I live in a society where… #DearBlackPeople

I live in a society where, black men, can question the very being and choices of a black woman, but also publicly disrespect us. This is not a divisive post, this post is to educate. I love Black men, I have a Black man; my dad is a black man, my brothers and cousins and uncles are black men, from two different parts of the diaspora. However, I notice amongst Black men that I have known over the years, that it’s so easy for them to talk down or disrespect us in front of the world, but get upset when some black women choose to date outside the race, or simply not tolerate the disrespect. Some women know what we want and don’t have time to waste on disrespect, so we go where we want. Even a famous couple right now that has been married over 20 years, uploaded a YouTube video and the husband was going off on the texture of his wife’s hair, ever since she stopped perming it. I was like “why would I be with a man who would talk about my hair after 20 years”. Well, realistically, she’s not going to leave a man for talking about her hair after that long, but, why shout “Black love” if the black love is only black the way you like it?

We have to re-educate our men, even though women perpetuate this as well, women are the lifegivers, we are going to give ourselves only to those who we feel can protect us. When black men direspect the features and personality traits of Black women – the features that these men have themselves – and go to thier light or white counterparts, many of them end up having children; those chidren take on the man’s color and hair texture, and some of those daughters end up feeling neglected because the dad passed those inferior ways of thinking onto his daughter; mom’s do it too! I have heard it with my own two ears. Men feel features are “acceptable” on them, but not women, we’re definitely getting to the root of that in the Dear Black People Webinar Series. There are so many ways to “joke”, why does Black women’s appearance always have to be the joke? I see the behavior from “woke” men as well. That is another topic of discussion, why many Black men think the revolution is for them and whatever woman they choose while it takes a Black woman to give birth to a Black child.

I get that everybody is not the same. I am here to teach, and I have taught, I teach, and I will teach more, but I am not going to sugarcoat to make anyone comfortable, we have to erradicate hundreds of years of thinking, and that won’t happen by being sweet. I am grateful to have a black man, however, I know a lot of my sisters are not happy with the way our men are. Yes, there is Black Love all over, but our numbers in marraige rates are still low; we still have work to do,

Find out more about how to erradicate this brainwashing by registering for the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series; it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

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