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We Are King, Jazmine Sullivan, SZA… Ladies! #MusicMonday

“Still wanna try, still believe in Good days”

This song first came into my life at the end of the “hit different” music video, by SZA, and “Good Days” is just a different kind of vibe, it makes you think about life, it makes you wanna sing, it makes you calm. It was just the perfect way to end 2020, the song came out on Christmas, and somehow I missed it! I caught up 2 days later on Spotify, and I must have had it on repeat forever! Lyrically and melodically, the song is in it’s own league, SZA has a way of doing that with songs, it’s her own vibe and it’s obvious it comes from her soul, her vibe, and her experience. The song rose to number 1 of all genres, congrats SZA!

Ok so Ms. Jazmine, sis, you didn’t have to do us like this. Where do I begin? Heaux Tales is just…just… The intro came in, fire! Listened to the album straight through, just energy, the whole album. By the time it was done I was like where’s the rest; I want more!… so I just listened to it again, LOL! I can tell Jazmine has been holding on, ready to tell her story, and she told it! Along with a collection of other stories of women she invited to narrate their stories. The concept is classic, genius, and I learned a lot from the women’s stories actually. They range from talking about experiences with men or just talking about how they feel about their self confidence in relation to men. She said it’s not an album, but, sis! This needs to be extended ASAP. Congratulations, Jazmine! Solid songwriter and vocalist right there.

Ok then, now King! Everyone knows how I feel about We Are King, the trio of soulful ladies that is now a duo of twin sisters who wrote and produced my favorite album of all time, and a tribute to Fela called, “Go Slow”. Well they’re back with a new song, “Space Oddity”, definitely a calming vibe, and intergalactic sounds that we’re used to from them. They manage to be so R&B but so intergalactic at the same time. They are low key, which I like, they stay true and make us wait forever for new music but it’s worth it! I look forward to a full album coming soon!

Great job to all the ladies!

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