I am Not a Woman of Color

I’m Black! I’m African! I’m distinctly my race or ethnicity that separates me from any other “of color”….. I have no allies. Each issue faced by “of color” is amplified when it comes to black people, especially Black Women, so I need black solutions, not “of color” solutions

When the system, has systemically implemented laws and withheld resources that strategically impact black people, while other “of color” people are flourishing in those same areas, and have received their reparations, there is no “of color”, it’s systemic racism against blacks people. “Of color” doesn’t have the legacy of slavery that built the nations and groundwork for other “of color” to be free; so when it comes to us, it’s one color, black.

No “of color” shows up for our marches or shares their wealth with us. Should they? They got theirs, every man for himself, they’ll always protect theirs, so we have to protect ours. All the other “of color” are straight. When white people show up for our marches, they’re trying to be the hero, I have marched with them enough times to know.

We have the right to be about ourselves right now, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary. If your house was falling down would you go and pay for someone else’s to get fixed? Yea, doesn’t make sense to me either.

Register for Dear Black People™ Webinar Series; it’s an event you won’t forget, and a event you don’t want to miss! Your transformation will happen.

~Ndidi Love~


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