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I Speak to the Strength of the Global Black Diaspora

I speak to people’s strengths, why? Because I am strong. I hate the sheep mentality of empowering people based on their weaknesses, it’s capitalist, & keeps people believing that there will always be something wrong with them, just so that they can follow you. I am well versed in the problems, but I create and implement solutions, for myself, and individuals, so they can collectively impact the world. Not just any old way, but according to God’s design for them. I would love for everyone who encounters me to leave feeling that they can become the the teacher, and never have to swindle or deceive people.

I talk a lot about my teaching experiences in Namibia, because of the nature of the Himba people that I never encountered anywhere in the world, but I have been teaching for a long time, and I have always been in positions where I have had to train in one way or the other to bring up the skill sets & talents of individuals. I know the results I’ve achieved with every student or client in front of me. Therefore; I recognize that many people do have a mentality of weakness, unfortunately, especially amongst us as Black people – even the successful people – somehow feeling that their life is dependent on some outward validation by these biased institutions, and feeling that they are indebted to it and can’t stand up to it. I understand why, I get it, 400 years is a long time, so no judgement, but, then I come along, confident and excited to be a Black girl, just because I am, no prerequisites of accomplishments, and people think it’s something else, or think it needs to be validated. As I have said in the past, I have had many people in one way or the other tell me, “you’re confident around white people”, as if white people are the only people on earth, lol, simply because I correct them or challenge them, or don’t take their word for it. I had to realize that people are not used to us as Black people being free, not used to us standing in our truth regardless of naysayers, not used to seeing Black people not only be confident just around other Black people, but everyone and everywhere. Who am I dimming my light for? A mere human? Chile, I was created by God, it’s a concept many people forget, the only one who gave me light to shine is God, so I’m doing a disservice if I dim it for humans.

Therefore, I speak to people’s strengths, because I have enough strength in myself to instill in others. I speak to a place of, yes, you aren’t perfect, but you are IT! Well, I’ve have more people try to tell me why that’s not the case, than why it is. I know for sure and for a fact that it is a result of the inferiority complex that has been instilled in us, because capitalism requires oppression, and people feel the need to be better than. How many black people in my life have told me verbatim “white people are better than us, that’s just how it is”, I’d be able to pay our reparations if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, and not just from “low income” folks, but people who sit in high places. However, my strength is not to be better than, but to be better with. Follow me on this journey

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