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Create our own Capital while they’re breaking into the Capitol

White privilege is something, they broke into the capitol & still alive, on this day, January 5, 2021. Just remember who america protects while y’all are shouting “yay for diversity” “yay they let me in”

These laws and the law enforcement are not diverse in their implementation. There’s nothing cute about being “accepted” just to be disrespected & not protected. When a country was built on the protection of one group of people, that will never change.

What will change is if we band together and advocate for ourselves. We have the ability, but still looking to be accepted into a system that keeps showing us that even if we’re there, you’re on your own. You still make the opportunity your own, their interests come first and that’s that. Not a hard concept, the concept just needs to be translated to us so that we follow suit in that order.

Anyway, learn more about how to band together and use our ability to stand up for and protect ourselves; register here!

~Ndidi Love~

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