My Vote Wasn’t Counted; Here’s Why I Don’t Care

I received a notice in the mail… well, hold on.

So I moved to the state I live in; in April 2019. I remember specifically registering to vote, but there was no record of it. Fine.

In 2020, I had no interest at all in the two main presidential candidates. I’m 34 years old; the lesser of two evils theory doesn’t work for me – especially after taking this public policy class I began in 2020. If I’m going to fight, I have my own agenda; protecting whiteness isn’t a part of that agenda. Elections in the United States protect whiteness. That’s the end of that.

So I still thought; “well, nothing wrong with exercising my right to vote”, as I have always voted. However, I still could not find my initial registration, so I found out that in my state, I can register and vote same day – not before or after – but same day, and my vote would count. So I voted. Not for either of the two main 2020 candidates, but another Green guy who I did research on before voting.

Well, what do you know; I checked the mail yesterday (this post was written in December, & Lord knows I check the mail once a month), nonetheless, there was a piece of mail I opened with a notice there that said “your vote was not counted” and it proceeded to tell me why. What do you know, my vote wasn’t counted because I registered same day, however, they registered me as a voter in my area; even though, as I previously stated, in my state, I’m allowed to vote and register same day.

Now, here’s why I don’t care that my vote wasn’t counted, because again; I have always voted, so have my ancestors, and we are still shouting Black Lives Matter while as a Black woman I am still concerned that Black women die 4-11 times more than any other race during childbirth, because doctors still see us as some experiment, whether wealthy or “poor”. So there’s that. If anything, I’m more excited about the work I did holding Congress and Senate members accountable, and creating my own LLC to further this work on a larger scale. I believe in accountability, enough of congratulating candidates and leaving them for 4 years with nothing to congratulate. Congress members and Senators help implement laws for their constituents, being in their faces is more instrumental. And there’s that.

I’m not interested in voting for someone who’s main goal is to protect whiteness while giving everyone else crumbs – that is the definition of diversity – making sure whiteness maintains “superiority” while giving Black people enough to feel satisfied, not liberated. I’m here for redemption.

I’m clear on my purpose in this world, & in every situation I’ve encountered in life in every space I’ve been in. I am a movement and a voice of change. My vote doesn’t have to count, my mere existence is change, personified.

Sign up for Dear Black People™ Webinar Series here, and find out how to tap into your inner movement. See you there!

~ Ndidi Love ~


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