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Brandy’s B7 Album is Just the Gift that Keeps on Giving… #MusicMonday

Many know how I felt when I saw Brandy and Monica come together for Verzuz back in August, 2020, after 4 straight weeks of destroying the replay button listening to Brandy’s B7 album released in July 2020. I can always appreciate and love an artist who speaks from the heart, not just from trends. Her “Never Say Never” album from 1998 was already top 4 on my greatest albums of all time, and literally, this B7 album automatically shot to number 1 on my list, the first week I listened to it.

It’s now 6 months after the release of that album, and I still can’t get enough of it. She spoke to so many Black women on real life things, she spoke to 2020, she spoke to me as I sat in quarantine trying to figure out how to sing her runs – still working on it. She then went on to do some amazing performances, especially at the BET Hip Hop awards, that was amazing, she made me even more proud to be a strong, natural, authentic brown girl. Of course, everyone knows my confidence comes from God, but imagine being in 6th grade loving a woman’s music who carried you over 20 years, and she’s relatable, and she looks like you! Amazing.

As a music creator and lover myself who learned how to produce on my own, authenticity may take a longer road, but the road is always there. Brandy has stated that she took 3 years to make that album, and I’m glad she did, we all are! Perfection in an album, never skipping a track. This is what we all hope for when we put something out there, even understanding that if everyone doesn’t like it, we tried our best!

This is just an appreciation post, as I literally still listen to Brandy’s B7 album if not everyday, at least 3 times in a week. I’m home working during quarantine; I have a lot of time on my hands to listen to and dissect music, it’s my thing!

Thanks, Brandy! Looking forward to all you have going on next…

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