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Congrats Rashida Jones! #BlackWomenLead

Congratulations to Rashida Jones who will be the first Black president of MSNBC starting in February 2021 as a Black Woman! I told y’all in February 2020 that 2020 is the year if the Black woman, looks like it’s our year in 2020, 2021, and beyond! We have started the shift, but there’s still much work to do.

I made a video in September 2019, letting people now that it is time for resources to be returned back to us as a Global Black Diaspora. Now that our resources are being returned back to us, what do we do with them?

Remember the Hebrews; had all the keys to success but stayed on an 11 day journey for 40 years because of confusion and stubbornness. As we support people like Ms. Rashida Jones on her journey, let’s be sure to tap into our own journeys and support others no matter where they are in life; we need each other!

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See you soon!

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