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Happy New Year from DiasporAfri, LLC! Exciting New Workshop Available!

Happy New Year loves! For those of us who celebrate greatness everyday, we are just continuing the greatness, times 2021! That’s a lot of greatness! We are living right now, which means we have the right to activate our God given gifts… right now! We don’t have to wait for approval, or wait until the right time according to this colonial structure. Change always starts now! As a little Moses as a child, up until now, I’ve always worked to find my rhythm, I thank God for always reminding me that every effort I’ve put forth is all for the greater story. I wrote a book in 2018, remember? And I published it in 2019. Those who read it loved it, however, because it was so personal, I always wanted to connect it with my audience on a real, interactive, level. I took it offline a few months ago and began to create a series that would allow me to reach my audience in a new way. After all, I’ve spent the majority of my life teaching and uplifting students of all ages. What’s meaningful to me is how my message transforms lives right before my eyes.

Dear Black People™ Webinar Series starting on January 26, 2021 offers practical, lifelong steps to help you first decolonize your mind, then do the work to make generational change, to unite and uplift the Global Black Diaspora as we enter in to this new time. An entry level course will be offered on January 25th and the first 5 people to sign up are in for a pleasant surprise! Please sign up and share with your network of friends, family, and colleagues in the Global Black Diaspora, right here!!!

Ndidi Love on New Years 2021

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