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#TeachMeTuesday… Un-brainwash yourself…

“Finally, the legal system is very costly. In the current context, we can see the limitations very clearly . It would be difficult, if not impossible, for the millions of Americans – and those around the world – who have been injured by the actions of the financial system to recieve adequate compensation for what they have suffered. The companies that have inflicted the damage are, in many cases, bankrupt. Each would claim that the global consequences are largely the result of the actions of others.” – Joseph Stiglitz, “Regulation & Failure”

This is an excerpt taken from the public policy class I’m taking right now. I find it interesting, as I’m always trying to tell people that the idea of the majority is an illusion, and wealth is sometimes based on credit, white privelege, and the creation of policies that protect whiteness, however, nobody believes me. Your oppressors aren’t in the position they say they are in, they are indebted to us as Black people, number one, and then to themselves in the form of financial institutions, banks and such.

The buying power of Black people is so powerful, we could have already paid ourselves reparations, However, oppression worked in a way that even wealthy Black people would feel inclined to still provide income for the pockets of the oppressors. People can do whatever they want with their money, but we are the only people who brag about buying an $83,000 bag that benefits our community in no way. Most unified communities know that, you build up your own first, to be a united front. Wealth according to capitalism involves no skills, it involves theft. Theft of resources that for the most part came from slavery, and what we can see from the excerpt above, it would take forever to repay us. I was telling someone today that, when wealth is too powerful, I believe that person or persons had to do something immoral to obtain it, as we are seeing with a popular social media site right now being sued by 48 attorney generals. Everyone has thier day, including America, we’ll find out more in part 4 of my updated book being released soon.

Unbrainwash yourself! There’s nothing the oppressor has that you don’t, except mind control.

~Ndidi Love~

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