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DiasporAfri is now an LLC!!!

Hello All!

Just a quick update, and stay tuned for today’s exciting vlog post. I just wanted to let you know that DiasporAfri will now be operating as an LLC, it is officially registered! I, Ndidi Love will get to conduct motivational speeches and workshops as I have in the past, except, as my own entity! DiasporAfri is a movement! At the core of the movement, we are unleashing the powerful minds of Black people all over the world to make generational change in every community we find ourselves in. This is not about class or status, this is about reaching the former unreachable and liberating their minds to true freedom.

Quick story…

When I returned to the U.S. from teaching over 300 students in Namibia, liberating their minds to new levels, I used that to create a series of voluntary presentations for Black youth in a particular school district, all the way from grades K-12. It impacted the youth so much that the superintendent of the school district reached out to thank me. The most impactful moment was watching a child who even at the age of 12 found himself in a spiral of disrespectful encounters, and had even cursed me out on multiple occasions…. even he was moved to liberation from this very presentation. I never held his behaviors against him and I always addressed him with love. Well, with this presentation I created on Namibia, I used it to not only track about culture but find similarities and encourage the youth to understand their history. This same 12 year old boy was so moved that he asked 3 questions and asked how he could get to Africa, a boy who teachers had given up on because he was never interested, in anything. His teachers said they had never ever seen him like this, so engaged; in fact, the teachers all proclaimed that they wondered how I got their students to sit there for 45 minutes when they couldn’t even do it for 20 minutes on a daily basis (I don’t usually call kids bad, but these kids were tough y’all). Anyway, the power of that let me know that we as people want our information, but in a way that is uplifting, that comes from the heart. The one thing about Black people from predominant inner cities is, they know who’s real and who’s fake. I don’t think I would’ve even got through to them if they thought I was coming with some “save the world” nonsense that they are often greeted with. I wasn’t there to show any superiority or condemnation, I came simply because these children look like me, they are my children, and I want them to unleash the greatness that is there.

End of story.

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