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Wow, as I sit back today and watch some events play out, between my white male neighbors and the old unelected president (before #46), I am brought back to an article I read last night as part of this new class I’m taking. White men do not like to fail when it’s not at their own terms. Sure, if it’s on their terms, they’ll gladly take the L, but when it involves unleashing what will remove their protection, they will cry like big babies. Understand this, democracy is not about freedom, it’s about protecting whiteness to keep control of their freedom while distributing what they feel is theirs to others, in a very controlled form. I’m watching as my neighbor received an eviction notice, because I challenged him on the rules of the property, and followed through with it. He thought he could taunt me, but I stood my ground, and now he’s out. He thought that because the leasing manager is a Black woman, and I’m Black woman, he would get away with his behavior. They are used to being in charge and feeling like everywhere is their own. I live in a nice area, and I notice that when white people are confronted by anything other than whiteness, they don’t respect it, in fact, he shouted “Tr*mp 2020” at me. You see, they were so used to being protected, and that is exactly what he expected, protection. When we place people in power that don’t accept nonsense, and we have each other’s back while standing up to white supremacist nonsense, we win. #45 is experiencing the same thing, and that is why many white people support him, he represents the extreme of protecting the useless freedoms of white people. We are watching him crumble, cry like a big baby, and his useless followers stand behind him. Everything happening with this shift in power, represents the fall of white supremacy, and they are fighting back. White men do not want to lose their protection, because them and their taunting ways will be kicked out, just like my neighbor was. Now he is outside crying like a baby when he was so confident in his taunting, just this morning. Well, I’m the Black girl that confronts things and takes things down. It must feel crazy to be taken out by two Black women, but as I told you all in February, 2020 is the year of the Black woman, from music, to politics, to social justice movements globally, Black women have showed ourselves to be QUEEN this year, and there’s more to come! White supremacy is falling, and we will be the ones to take it down!

~Ndidi Love~

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