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Word of the Day Wednesday!

I was having an interesting conversation today; & engaging in what seems to be a theme uninformed politics on the internet. People have an overwhelming interest in the political affairs of the United States; I can understand why, America has marked themselves as the political authority in the world. Everyone judges the accuracy of their politics based on what’s going on in America. There’s one problem, it’s uninformed. I see so many assumptions online, and people make it seem that an American complaining is being a crybaby, simply because their president may have done worse. I have to ask a question though; isn’t corruption still corruption? If 2020 hasn’t shown you anything, it surely has shown you that America doesn’t have all the answers, but people are mentally brainwashed and willing to accept American crumbs as a full course meal.

Understand the politics of your nation first, before being overly concerned with the affairs of America. Nobody owes anything to their governments, but if you’re going to be concerned, start where you are. I’m not out here fighting for the rights of the Asian community, because my concern is my kin first. Even within that; I started with my own, then moved out to the African diaspora, and learned from them before chiming in. For example; I had someone fully explain to me what’s happening with END SARS in Nigeria before adding it to my congress presentation. I’m even half Nigerian with strong roots to Nigeria, but because I don’t live there and experience SARS, I have no say unless I’m speaking on behalf of an actual citizen. It’s disrespectful to chime on what you haven’t lived. Providing suggestions is quite different, but judging is quite disrespectful. Everyone’s viewpoints won’t be the same even if two people grew up in the same exact environment, but an informed conversation far exceeds a conversation based on misinformation. For example; we may agree that a policy existed, but you hate it, and I don’t. We can converse based on our opinions with fact as the basis.

Moral of the story is; inform yourself. Make sure you are doing all you can to make the change in your area before chiming in on American politics. If you want to have a conversation with a citizen of the country you are debating, please be informed, it is embarrassing to debate with misinformation. Furthermore, ask yourself, what is your specific interest in finding value in this information? Becoming engaged in foreign affairs is a great thing, but make it meaningful to you rather than condemn why you don’t understand.

Be encouraged; handle your load you’ve been given; & let everyone take care of their part in this world. Most of all, read!

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