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Brandy; Monica; Me… 500+ Members Contacted

I teared up as I thought about experiencing Brandy & Monica in just a couple of hours; it was around 5:00pm, and I had just finished calling the last round of Congress and Senate members to complete 523 calls in two months! Woohoo! Victory, I successfully called all of the members of Congress and the Senate, between June 1st and August 31st, met formally and informally with many, sent my full presentation to some as requested, with meetings still on the way – including one the next day. I had done my part and was waiting on my next task from God to address the redemption of Black people around the world!

It was just something about that Brandy and Monica moment, like a prize for completing one of my many life tasks. I had already been listening to Brandy’s new “B7” album for 4 weeks straight – driving my car in 100+ degree weather with the windows down so everyone can hear – and she already had an album in my top 4 of all time, “Never Say Never” (I wore that album out in 6th grade), but this “B7” album just hits different. Incredible talent and passion poured into some of the best songs I’ve heard in my life, now I get to see it live from my couch?! I created an Instagram just so I can watch it, I was anticipating Brandy while understanding that Monica was about to bring them vocals as well. I obviously enjoy songs by Monica and grew up listening to both these ladies, however, my musical preference has drawn me to relate more to Brandy, but can you imagine hearing those two angelic voices for what ended up being 3 whole hours?! It was insane. I wish they had performed more, but Black women showed once again that we can break records just by being legendary queens. 1.2 million people on Instagram alone not to include Apple Music, *update; over 6 million people tuned in across all platforms!* tuned in because the world wants to see Black women!

I said it in early February, that 2020 is the year of the Black woman. Black women will save us! Maybe that’s why I was tearing up, because it was just a historic moment for a music lover such as myself, to hear Brandy’s powerful tone & low register, and Monica’s soulful gospel chords all in the same night with the most watched verzuz of all time, healing us with their music. I had seen Brandy perform live before in 2018, iconic! Her and Monica endured 20 something years in an industry that tried to tear them apart?! They speak to the endurance of many Black women; the world will try to pit us against each other and tear us down but we endure, sounding and looking even better than what the world tried to pin against us.

August 31st, 2020 was just an amazing day. I obviously went back to my rotation of the new Brandy album after the verzuz battle was over. In fact I just played the whole Brandy playlist I have. I went back and watched the verzuz as well (well the Brandy parts 🤷🏾‍♀️)… Did you all hear how she went in on “Borderline” (well, every song she sang), not to mention the DJ mixing her new songs together in the beginning before Brandy and Monica reached the stage. Brandy is legit humble on another level; sis, don’t be humble anymore, you’re a musical legend! I then remembered that I had a meeting with a Congressmember the next day, September 1st, and I still didn’t get to bed on time. I played the Brandy album until I feel asleep. This is a celebration, change is going to happen, but I need to hear this musical greatness in my ears.

It’s like Brandy & Monica’s performance signified that big change that is happening, sooner than later. The whole production happened in Tyler Perry’s studios, Kamala Harris showed up, Michelle Obama was promoting the whole thing to get people to vote. It literally signifies the change that Black women are making, united. Maybe that’s why I teared up, because just like Brandy’s music, I feel it in my bones.


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