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I’ve contacted 207 Senate/Congress Members & Had Great Meetings! 🎊

Hello All! So as of today; I have reached out to – called/emailed – 207 members of Congress & the Senate. I have formally met with 3 (1 Senate/2 Congress – 1 by zoom, 2 by phone call – recorded on their end); have had powerful informal conversations with many others; & still setting up meetings as this e-mail is going out! They ALL have been super supportive, invited me to further conversations/meetings, and have encouraged me to keep presenting this same information to other members. The two most recent (including today) were so moved with compassion, one even prayed a prayer into my life to continue to bear the position as a leader, while doing it well; & even though they usually don’t talk to people out of their state (CA & CO), they talked to me because of my effort. I say these things because I set myself out on a mission; inspired by a prayer, to contribute to this time using my education, research, & experience (along with my heritage), and approach a system using my faith as my backbone; & it has been rewarding; & I am using it to encourage others. We can vote; but wouldn’t it be better if the leaders knew exactly what we needed from our own mouths? They have each said that the information presented taught them something they never knew; & that they wished more people would call and express our needs as a community, they encouraged me to encourage all of us! I took my time creating this presentation & the feedback helps me leverage setting up other meetings with other members (they are more trusting knowing that their colleagues have great feedback). So as a reminder; I created a spreadsheet back in June of all the 500+ members of Congress & the Senate; & I am still willing to share; this is about using our actual voice to make generational change.

I also finished the 16 part video series that will help you spiritually & physically activate the part of your contribution during this time. It is for those who know they have a further calling in life, and wish to activate it using their God given spirits and experience.

I also have posted a couple of videos on my YouTube channel the strategy I’m using to activate my part in this time to encourage others with the practical steps.


Ndidi Love in The White House Circa 2014 – Ndidi Love for President? 🙂

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