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Another Successful Meeting With Congress

Hello all! I just had another successful meeting with the office of congressman Tony Cardenas. It went so well and his representative was so impressed that she stated that she learned something new because of how I articulated and presented my carefully crafted presentation. We did not get to zoom this time but we did get to have a 30 minute phone conversation. I tried to record my points on my laptop but my laptop decided to do something different. It’s alright I will continue having these calls and record it next time. She stated “you have a great speaking voice, it sounded like I was listening to an audiobook; it is captivating what you say and how you say it”. She encouraged me to continue to call members around the country and articulate my points the same way that articulated it today. He also encouraged me to continue to keep in contact with her office and record the speech so that they can share it amongst each other for the purpose of learning and change. I tell theses stories to encourage people that we voted these members in the office and we have a right to go with them with our convictions. I have been going through my spreadsheet of 500+ members and calling and emailing them, I will not stop but I encourage you all to do the same; let’s continue to make generational change!

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