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North Carolina Starting Reparations!

North Carolina is starting Reparations as announced on 7/16/2020!!! 

When I read this on Thursday; I was excited; I thought “wow, it’s finally here! I been saying it for years & it’s here!”

The work will get done, we get it done quicker and more efficient when we each act in what we were charged to do because we have work to do past reparations. I am still reaching out to members of Congress, I didn’t stop just because I had one successful meeting, but I took time to recharge, celebrate a new year of life, fast, pray, lose 8 lbs., and shop for summer 2020 summer cancellation clothes. 🙂 I want to help other Black people really dig deep into who they are to add to the Global Black Story during this time:

Here’s a story; then check out the video below.

Faith runs in my bloodline. For those who don’t know my last name, Nwakalor, is my great great grandfathers legacy; despite what society said, he created a new trajectory for the bloodline, then his son did the same, then my dad did the same – he built his business by himself with help from no-one – and he instilled that fire in me, which is why I’m overly confident in everything, big & small. Then my maternal grandmother carried on the family name that my great grandfather changed when he came off the plantation at 100 years old and was the first free slave in his area to buy a house and provide a new trajectory and name for our family at 100 years old. I tell much more of this story & more in today’s video. I come from two solid bloodlines of people who change the trajectory of the bloodline in the face of strong opposition. Why this story? Because for ten years I have sold my soul out to fasting, prayer, and research about what was to come for the Global Black Diaspora; and through it all I had to depend on the legacy of my bloodlines. I first finally said it publicly in 2015, that God would use the redemption of Black people to show the world God’s love, that we were never forsaken. Then I wrote a book about the times we’re in now in 2018, published it in 2019, and that time is here now. My whole message is about what we should do, from an internal work & spiritual perspective to activate who we are.

You like that story? What’s yours? I often say (for those who follow me) that we each tell a part of God’s story, we just have to find out what our part is. I love collaboration, but happy and thankful to anyone genuinely doing the work to benefit Black people, in private and in public, big and small. I invite you to follow me as I share and break down my book on how we as Black people should move forward during these times, and really tap into who you are spiritually, God’s very idea in mind for your part during this time. Reparations is the first step, we have work to do amongst ourselves globally. Now ya’ll know I’m full of life, I’m bringing facts and hilarity, and I know what I am good at, I didn’t say I’m teaching you how to monetize, or how to market yourself on Instagram; I am good at faith, unifying Black people, and teaching. This video series is about the internal spiritual work to complement the monetizing and generational building.

I now invite you to follow my YouTube (& SUBSCRIBE) and watch the video series; the posting schedule will be Sunday through Wednesday for 4 weeks. Come gain some knowledge and a new perspective, learn who you are, and make history during this time!


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