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The Work Continues

I hope all is well as we continue to fight for our justice; be sure to protect your mental health. I made a great stride last week with the zoom meeting I had with Office of Congressman John Carter. I heard back from another Congress Member today & we’ll be meeting soon. I support every protest; movement; & every way we are using to amplify our voice. It’s not about who’s doing it “right”; any good thing we all do during this time will work for good to support all Black people. Little known fact, I helped effect change in legislation in 2012 by building a personal relationship with a legislator on behalf of a Black non-profit. Similar to what I’m doing now except the non-profit is Black People 😊. We never know what can happen when we use our voices.

Understand that we are literally not just worthy of, but owed all that was stolen from our ancestors & is being robbed from us now. We can’t fight for the bare minimum; we are getting it all. We cannot seek white approval & be politically correct; it has never been our responsibility to teach people to love us; when we never did anything to warrant their hate; we are tearing down an oppressive system.

Reach out to me to receive the solutions I am presenting to Congress Members, to present to yours (I am keeping a spreadsheet of every one we contact). Also, sign the petition to bring leverage to the solutions I am presenting to Congress; & share with your friends!

P.S. Twitter is good but make sure the conversation leaves Twitter & is in action 24/7. Every united group has come together & demanded what they wanted; & received it. 

~Ndidi Love~

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