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I learned something today

As I began asking people to articulate to me their needs as a Black person; I found that most didn’t know what they want. Being on social media; people state and restate the problems; I rarely see solutions, but when asked directly what they need, people flat out say “I don’t know.”

While it’s ok not to know; be careful that you don’t put yourself out there on a mission, and cannot answer for our needs. Most communities will say exactly what they need, and speak with conviction, so they get it. I understand, everyone has their own voice, and some are called to call out, while others are called to respond; it’s just important that one doesn’t negate the other. If you are called to call out; don’t put yourself in a position to respond; let everyone do what we were called to do.

If you do have answers and ways; use your voice. Many parts, one body; if we are all working, things are getting done!

P.S. check this picture out. I wrote in my book in 2018 (published in 2019) “2019 is the end of captivity, which means, in 2020 our journey has begun.”; so I am excited as it’s finally here; let’s work!

~Ndidi Love~

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