En Alignment

‪There’s a certain way to pray that won’t even allow certain energies to get past a certain threshold. I said a prayer; “everything not designed for me strip it from me & make it hurt me”. Then chaos happened, but that chaos led to realignment. ‬

‪If it’s gonna hurt; make the hurt worth it. Replace what’s stripped with what’s designed. Mistakes will happen, but aligning yourself will become easier once you get used to it. Then your spirit becomes ‬used to recognizing what doesn’t belong; because your spirit is sensitive to what’s designed. Things not designed will work hard to get in; & even find different ways to do it but constant prayer is what helps it stay out. & action, sometimes you need to tell a person straight up that this ain’t what you want.

I’m always praying. As I wrote in my book, I went to an open mic event that was trapped out; I was vibing, & praying all at the same time because God is everywhere. & I went on to say that the group performing actually came up & hugged me afterwards, not knowing I just prayed for them. I don’t limit God & I don’t see everything as the absence of God. I just let people be them because everyone’s journey is different. My message is for people specifically seeking God’s specific will; & that’s it.

I said all that to say; my prayers go deep & are not for the weak. I pray for God to hurt me with what’s not for me & bring peace with what’s for me. I ask God to put many choices before me & teach me how to make the best decisions based on these choices. I ask God to limit my audience to the people my message is specifically to those it’s supposed to reach, because I recognize that the greater the audience, the greater the responsibility.

Therefore everything cannot enter in, I have to constantly pray. I can be coordinating business with someone & pray; “if this person is not meant for me, let them forget to call me when they said they would” or something silly; & it happens. Then they call a day late like “oh my gosh I forgot”. & I’m so outgoing with my personality; people look at me & don’t think I’m this highly spiritual person, because outside of how we connect to God, we were all given these personalities to reach who we were supposed to reach. So just be yourself, & pray, & have faith, & do whatever else you do & the design of your life will shine when you’re aligned; it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. This world is full of followers who don’t even know why God created them; be intentional about finding out why God created you; & do the necessary work to align yourself with that purpose.

I remember a prophecy I received, in a church I was visiting, from a woman who I’ve never met before; in alignment with every other prophecy I’ve received before that; however – this one was slightly different, she said that she sees me reaching a particular group of ppl with a particular message in a way they’ve never been reached before, and that I’ll do it hilariously, she said she sees the word hilarious. Now everyone who knows me knows that in real life I am hilarious & love to laugh; but they also know I’m very intentional & serious about the things I’m passionate about. That prophecy always stuck with me above the others because it’s when I realized, being a faith person doesn’t look a certain way, faith is internal, I can tell you the many people who were inspired by the way I came through a situation, not necessarily in my everyday demeanor when I’m laughing, joking, preaching 🤣, & being myself, but how I come through situations & handle situations or before me. Every moment of life may not be inspirational; but situations, rather than preaching & words show people how faith works.

God is not dry; God is full of life, look around at the many people that God created. However, what’s important is getting to the message of what God intended to tell through you. Whether you’re a painter, singer, lawyer, fast food worker, or whatever —— a serious person, a lazy person, a comedian, extrovert, introvert —- God has a gift & message to come through you. Focus on that, not what it looks like to be a person of faith on the external, how are we inspiring people when we are challenged & facing issues. They will remember how we activated our faith. But to get to that pure voice of reason, we have to be intentional about protecting our space & getting in alignment while still respecting everyone’s humanity & treating with kindness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an activist in my own right; I will turn up with facts when needed, but it’s always for the purpose of the greater meaning, not to get attention for myself. To the point where people depend on me to be the person to speak up (but that’s another blog post – rolls eyes)

Continue to live in God’s image, everyone. 🌟

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