Women, change your idea of what womanhood has to look like, & accept that the qualities you bring to the world are just as feminine as the hyper sense that’s pushed in this world. Strength is beauty, dark skin is beauty, we are the revolution that’s being televised.

However we choose to express our femininity is beautiful; it’s more about staying true to who we are in alignment with our purpose. Not everything we tell ourselves is true but we literally have to align ourselves with God’s will. I did that work, & it’s hard. We let go of a lot.

Our personalities are directly attached to who God wanted us to influence in this world. When we ask God “what was your idea when you created me” that forces us to accept all of it & correct the parts that are not aligned with what God said. We’re not perfect but we try.

I’m not talking religion, I’m talking faith. Faith of the ancestors when they had no reference or anything to read. Just faith in God that’s it. This work is hard but it’s worth it.

Whether you show your body or cover it up, one is not better than the other, it just depends on how you feel like presenting yourself, clothes & makeup is manmade. It’s beautiful, I too, like cute clothes & light makeup; but most of all I like comfort. Some like high heels & lots of makeup, I feel that’s beautiful too.

I have had to change my own view around women’s bodies & realize that most rules of women’s bodies came from men; I will not put that on another woman. However she expresses her femininity is up to her. How I express mine is up to me, but we don’t get to judge one another.

What helped me is asking myself why I’m doing something. I know I’m not out here selling sex or looking for attention, I just like this shirt because I like this shirt, is my skin a crime? Never. But just because I wear a long dress doesn’t make me wholesome.

I am wholesome in short shorts & crop top. If I wear baggy jeans, I’m still a woman. The essence of a woman is a spirit. We feel masculine & feminine energy it can’t be changed based on what we wear or what we change about ourselves.

To my brown & deep brown sisters, we are feminine. I’ve been seeing things online about the skin tone of a woman being attached to femininity. It is my ovaries, not skin tone that determines my gender. Masculinity has been attached to dark skin, that’s a direct effect of colonialism.

Worth is not attached to color, trying to make a woman’s worth based on her hair, skin, or clothing choice is dangerous. Let’s understand that any straying away from that does not change the sex or worth of a person, it just specifies their preferences.

Let us nurture women, & love women as the givers of life in this earth. Especially black women, we deserve for our femininity to be nurtured & embraced.

Black girls actions; whether the same as another ethnicity of women or not; will always be perceived as more aggressive. When other races “complain” it’s called a movement for change, but for us it’s just complaining.

Keep doing you my brown & deep brown sisters. Don’t ever question yourself. Strength is a beautiful feminine trait. “Strength & honor are her clothing, & she shall rejoice in time to come” Proverbs 31.

& I’ll stand up for every black girl that is wrongfully demonized. When the other races of women are praised for their strength. Colonialism really ruined y’all. Black women have received the worst treatment in the world amongst any group in any part of the world. That’s stats.

Yes women are effected, but black women are the most disrespected group of people on the planet. That’s it. We get it from the world, our own men, & each other as women.

I treat all black women with respect & I’ll never publicly disrespect another black woman.


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