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The best way to say “I love you” is changed behavior.

Tried to love you from my heart, but found out soon after.

The best way to love you is to leave you alone.

I’m not trying to figure you out, I’m just too grown.

& when I ask you do you love me, just leave me alone.

Yea you a good actor, but we already know.

You ain’t tryna love me. You just tryna play me.

You tryna get these birds on that skeet skeet skeet.

Bring her to your mom & you’ll see see see.

The feeling you have for her is only temporary.

I caught feelings for her & it’s really scary.

But not the type of feelings that you thinking you see.

This feeling of rage got me going crazy.

I wanna go and find her but don’t wanna seem weak.

My issue is with you but she not innocent as she think.

You just thinking bout’ your life & not the life we make.

Or I make.

But you fake.

Yea you sleep.

But I’m wake.

& I decide to choose you but that’s the risk I take. ©

© 2019 Ndidiamaka Nwakalor

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