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​Accountability, it’s the thing that keeps us in check. At the end of every day, I always ask myself what I could’ve done different, and I try to keep people around me who aren’t afraid to let me know as well. It’s not that we are always wrong and never do anything right, but it’s just an opportunity to evaluate ourselves. We should also give ourselves credit when we do something right. We should always be evolving and not making the same mistakes. 

When I started this journey towards the Global Black Redemption Story, highlighted in my recently published book; I was willing to be so wrong. I kept asking God if I was wrong, stop me in my tracks. However, I kept going based on the faith inside of me. I talk a lot about accountability leading up to the conclusion of getting to the message God had for me. I got distracted, a lot! I would have been had the message out there had I not been so distracted during those 8 years. A lot of things happened to me because I got distracted and didn’t listen to my spirit; in some situations, that was my only wrong. Therefore, I found a way to be accountable, and I will no longer make the mistake of not listening to my spirit.

There are situations that are beyond our control, life comes with certain issues to overcome. Let’s just make sure we’re not inviting things in that we’ll regret. Accountability is understanding that it’s ok to be wrong, while making sure we learn, trying our hardest not to do that thing again.


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