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On The Other Side Of That Door…

On the other side of that door…

Who knew that I would be led to say yet another bold prayer. I’ve been known to say bold prayers and take bold steps, but this prayer was slightly different. See, I now know that my spirit can never lie, we don’t trust ourselves enough as human beings. So if something is not bringing me peace, I have to investigate. Well my investigation resulted in me willing to give up all I knew life wise. Everything I had learned would soon be brought to nothing. I’m now relearning, and even specifically praying, God lead me to the point where it’s not me thinking, it’s you. Same spirit, just different circumstances. I had the chance to bring my mom to Nigeria, and it’s funny how out of all my trips to Nigeria, I learned the most on this one. In terms of my family reaffirming who I am culturally, as an individual, and explaining my culture from a perspective that all could understand, especially my mom who was new to the country (although she had been married to my dad, she had never been to Nigeria). So now I have new information to add to my journey, and the affirmations from my family was God’s way of pushing me forward saying “you’re on the right path”; because now the information I’m obtaining is bringing me peace, bringing me closure, and bringing me perspective. It’s on the other side of the door when we say yes to God and no to us that we find this peace. I mean, yes on God’s terms, which may look unfamiliar to those we have worshipped with even as people of faith. I was willing to have people think I left God simply because I didn’t attend the same church as them anymore. I was willing to leave my job with no job lined up, (but with wisdom and money saved up) but two days after I did that, my rent went down (for no reason, and that doesn’t happen in DC). After that, I was willing to bring myself to a work position that I knew I could do better than, just to learn a lesson, because I had been prepared for it. That’s why I tell people not to think too hard when they hear me complaining; I can be the best motivational speaker, but also complain when I really want to, all while knowing exactly why everything is happening, and happening exactly as I prayed for it to happen. Doesn’t mean I should complain! The good thing is, I was created to be who I am and that remains before, during, and after every situation I find myself in. So as I press forward on the other side of the door, I am thankful for being willing to walk on the other side of that door.

Continues with me on this journey…

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