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Humble Beginnings: Who is God to Me?

In October 2017, I remember being in a place where my faith was significantly increasing. I feel that in most cases, I am the exact opposite of people; when bad things happen, my faith increases. It does not mean I am not sad at times, or even angry, but my faith goes nowhere. I believe in God more and more with each situation that comes my way, I may complain, but I never give up, this is the strength I’ve been given, and I consider it a gift. However, while listening to my spirit, I felt the yearning to step away, step away from everything I ever knew. I had been filming two series of interviews called “Diasporans Making a Difference”, and “How Has Your Culture Shaped You”, which brings life to the cultures and lives of Black millennials all over the world. God knows my heart lives for the excellence of Black people, and after filming all of these amazing stories, I still felt like there was more to tap into. I live in the world as an African Woman in American society (I’m African Spiritually, and that’s it), and I understand my history, and what has been done with my history, so I knew there was something stolen from us that had not been tapped into. Never knew what it had been, but God knew, so I was taken on this journey.

My journey required me to step away from building my brand on social media, and stepping away from many people, places, and things. It was that increase in faith that gave me the courage to step away. I never did anything for likes, everything I do comes from the heart, for impact, so sharpening my message for it to be more clear, was more important than social media presence. I asked God to teach me everything I need to know about God despite what I had ever heard from anyone, whether good or bad, and start from scratch. One thing that will never change is God loves us, so I was not worried about that, but I wanted a full understanding of God through the world, my interactions with other people, through myself, and everything else. So that required me to have less of a presence, which is hard because I have a big personality, and I get invited to everything, but I had to start saying “no” more often, and wow did that get people all confused. What I know about humans is, they will forget quickly, I actually looked forward to that, so those who were supposed to be by my side would be there, and if the rest fell off, I was happy with that.

What I’ve learned from great leaders is that they keep very few people around them, yes, they may know a lot of people, but only a few get close, which is how it’s supposed to be. We can get along and love each other, and have great impact on one another without sharing our secrets and life. We see it all throughout the bible, and in everyday life. Of course, as I stepped away, the spirit of the nosey crept into people’s lives, and people wanted to know where I’ve been just to know where I’ve been. I’m saying all this to bring reality to what happens when we really are on a mission, but how determined I was to get to the truth of God no matter what the cost. I asked God a simple prayer, most every day, but at least once a week “show me what it is you want me to know about you, make sure I stay close to you so that everything I’m doing is for you”. I was willing to be so wrong, but the point wasn’t to be right or wrong, it was to be aligned with God.

Therefore, I continued the journey, and the message that has always been in me since I can remember has been sharpened to the point where it’s so clear. I’m so excited to share this gift with you all. This is the greatest gift God has given me, and it will be handled with care. If there are ever any questions, please feel free to ask, I love clarifying things. Connect with me on my website via:


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Enjoy Loves! 💛🖤💛

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