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Featuring: Blake Simon

This week I’m featuring motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Blake Simon. Blake is a speaker, presenter, and session/workshop facilitator focusing on Self-Awareness, Leadership, College Readiness, Title IV (Federal Financial Aid), Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, & Team Building. I got a chance to ask him some questions about his journey, check out his responses below!

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

Ndidi Love: What inspired you to start your own brand?

Blake Simon: Upon graduating from high school, I didn’t go directly to college because of a lack of focus and guidance. After a year and half, I enrolled at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) where I received my B.S. in Criminal Justice. Once again, I didn’t have the focus required to make to the transition to the next level once I graduated. Within a couple of months, I obtain a full time position as a Financial Aid Counselor at PVAMU working with students and their families as they transitioned to and through college. That was the start to my professional career.

While working in higher education, I noticed the need for educational training and literacy amongst first generation students and those from low socio economic back grounds. In addition to working in a toxic environment where my creativity was becoming limited and there was no room for professional growth, I knew it was time to create my own platform to impact youth and take my “leap of faith”. That was the start of creating my own brand.

Ndidi Love: What does the African Diaspora mean to you, and how do you best connect with the diaspora?

Blake Simon: I connect to the African Diaspora because the impact of the most notable Diaspora regarding Africans and the Atlantic trade still exist today.

Ndidi Love: If you could give back, what would that look like specifically?

Blake Simon: For me, giving back is impacting the community which is what I focus on now. Upon resigning from my full-time job, I made a conscious effort to impact youth starting in Missouri City, TX where I spent my adolescent years. I believe I have been successful in executing this mission thus far.

Ndidi Love: Where do you see your brand in 10 years?

I will still be creating my legacy and impacting lives. I am competitive, so I plan to be the best. Whether its 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years. The grind will continue to evolve.

I want to be remembered as a leader who impacted the world starting with his community. Most importantly, I want the work I do now reflect a legacy that the people who have sacrificed for me would be proud of and one that the people who depend on me or will depend on me will live off of. Legacy is what it is all about.

I truly believe that “once you act on your passion, you will walk into your purpose”.

You can connect more with Blake and support his movement by visiting his website,, and by following him on social media:

Instagram: @blakemotivates
Twitter: @blakemotivates
Facebook: BlakeMotivates

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