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Gnawa Music of Morocco: Ethnic & Cultural Groups


Gnawa Music of Morocco 

I enjoyed the traditional Moroccan music heard today at the DC Africa Celebration. I was dancing, and bopping my head, and although I could not understand the words, it interested me. I mentioned to my friend that Morocco is a place that is never highlighted. I was glad that at an African festival, the culture of Morocco was highlighted, especially with a traditional performance. We often see Morocco as a place that people tend to separate from modern day Africa, but we must remember that Morocco is still in Africa! 

The gnawa music is the genre of music that was performed tonight. As I experienced, there is repetition of the same phrase, and the music increased in tempo as the song went by. The performers were clanking these metal devices, called krakebs, and I was just thinking “their fingers must hurt!” They did dance performances that were similar to modern day tap dance, and very fast moves with their feet. 

Gnawa has musical influences traced from west Africa, and combines religious songs and rhythms of African Islam. 

Check out a video above! 

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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