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Dr. Carter G. Woodson

On January 1, 1916; “The Founder of Black History”, Carter G. Woodson, published the first issue of The Journal of Negro History. This journal was the first of its kind in Black literacy, and helped to define African-American history.

The first Journal of Negro History was quarterly and published the latest research and findings in the African-American community. The Journal debunked the idea that African-Americans had no part in American history. Early editions touched on the U.S. reparations movements, African American women in slavery and freedom and other topics significant to the African-American community.

The Journal of Negro History was renamed The Journal of African American History in 2002 after it began being edited by V. P. Franklin of Dilliard University. The journal is still printed and can be found at

Read more about Dr. Carter G. Woodson on the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum Website:

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