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Campbell County, VA

I attended the funeral of my moms uncle today; he is my great uncle; and was a man of great honor who will be missed. My mom grew up in the countryside of Campbell County, Virginia; and there is so much history there, in my own family and the town itself. Yes, slavery happened there, and today I could hear the sounds of my ancestors that brought them through those times through the hymns sung in church to honor my great uncle. The songs had a story to tell, people sung with great triumph in their voices, people sang with gratefulness in their hearts.

As I was listening to my mom and her friend talk, I heard a phrase that my mom had said all my life, but never knew what it meant. “Great day in the morning!” I asked my mom and her friend what it meant, they said that back in slavery times, they were so grateful and didn’t take anything for granted, so to see another day and still be alive was a reason to rejoice, so they would say things like “great day in the morning!” Well it led me to google that very phrase, and I found this great article describing a part of slave culture that I knew about but hadn’t fully researched. Please check it out, I will be doing more posts on parts of Slave culture that bring so much meaning to how we interact today as a people; Black people in America, enjoy Loves! ❤️

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