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Traditional African healing is a holistic approach to medicine based on interconnectedness. Disease is believed to be a caused by misalignment or spiritual/social disorder whether it’s internal or external. It is believed that there are many levels of being that make up all people which function together as a whole. These levels consist of moral, social, physical and spiritual qualities; and if any of these parts are out of balance, the person will become physically ill or suffer spiritually. Diagnoses are determined by questioning, observation and touching – a form also used still today in western methods – as well as divination and dream interpretation. The physicians role is to re-align the patient with the origin of the influences bringing balance back to the disorder, basically identifying what may have caused the disorder. Forms of treatment include surgery, dietary therapy, herbalism, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, exorcism, rituals and sacrifice. African healing is heavily influenced by natural cycles of the days, seasons and natural occurrences of the earth, as well as the accepted realities of the physician. African culture acknowledges real healing comes not just as a result of pills, but bringing our actions into a respectful balance with the natural world.

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