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Jide Ehimika of NoirBnb

Jide Ehimika, Co-Founder of NoirBnb, shares the story and inspiration behind NoirBnb. NoirBnb’s Co-Founder, Stefan Grant, used an unfortunate situation of inequality to create a lasting solution that benefits people of the Black Diaspora, and others, all over the world. Together, Jide and Stefan are the perfect example of using our gifts and banding together to overcome inequality and make lasting change in society. They came together to create a platform that allows people of color to travel the world and lodge in safe spaces where they will be treated with dignity and respect. They encourage travel around the world, and in the United States; and they wish to help the Black Diaspora connect through travel! When you enter the NoirBnb website (, it says “Welcome Home”. I felt at home while talking to Jide, and was truly inspired by his story, his inspirations, his successes, and his vision for the future. He has some encouraging words for us, and I encourage us all to support Jide and Stefan on the launch of NoirBnb!

Visit their website at
Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and instagram: @NoirBnb

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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