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Traveling tribes

“The Gabra people of Kenya and Ethiopia are one group of nomads who have continued to thrive and been able to pursue their transitory lifestyle despite the technological advances and growing population around them. Known as camel nomads, the approximately 31,000 Gabra rely on mixed livestock (camels, cattle, sheep and goats) for sustenance and their livelihood, with camels being the most valued of all the animals, says Cultural Survival, and their willingness to help one another is reflected in the Gabra proverb, "a poor man shames us all.” The Gabra get milk and meat from the animals, although camels are very rarely slaughtered, and they usually live in group sod 10 to 15 families, moving whenever the animals need new grazing territory, writes Paolo Tablino in his book The Gabra: Camel Nomads of Northern Kenya.“

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