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Today’s feature is very special to me. While I was teaching in Namibia, Kaylan was my boss, and my friend. As an African American, she made the bold step to move to Africa and make a life there. She was so essential during my experience there! Her blog focuses on African Americans who live in and travel to Africa. This blog is dynamic, and really gives insight on the cross cultural experience within the Black Diaspora. She shares her story along with other stories just like, or similar to hers. Kaylan still lives in Namibia, and has now built her life there as a wife and mom. Check out her story below!

Kaylan is a Howard University journalism graduate originally from NY, NY, who has been continually drawn to a life abroad. She’s lived in Barbados, the nation of her matrilineal lineage; then, life brought her to the nation of Namibia.

She chronicles her experiences abroad in Namibia on her Youtube channel Afro American in Africa. Kaylan created this platform to share more stories of from people of African descent who live, have lived or desire to live on the African continent. She can be reached at

Check out Kaylan’s blog at:

Check out her YouTube at:

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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