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Kenechukwu Nwakalor is a young passionate wedding/ Event and documentary photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria.
He got influenced locally by the works of Tom Saater, Bayo Omoboriowo, andrew esiebo and Jide Odukoya amongst others.

I was able to ask him a few questions about himself and his work; check out his answers below!

Ndidi Love: Tell me about yourself:
What inspired you to start photography?

KC: I have always loved pictures, i was inspired to start photography because it allowed me see the world in a different way, it made me observe and see details in things that were rather plain. I love most the art of visual story telling.

Ndidi Love: What does the African Diaspora mean to you, and how do you best connect with the diaspora?

KC: The african diaspora is a beautiful platform that helps me connect and share stories with people with similar heritage as me.
⁃ I connect best with diaspora through the social media platforms.

Ndidi Love: If you could give back, what would that look like specifically?

KC: Giving back to me means, using photography as a tool of education, sharing the bright side of Africa, letting the world know how beautiful and rich Africa is.

Ndidi Love: Where do you see your brand in 20 years?

KC: In 20years, that is a long time you know but as time goes by, i would love to have exhibited my works around the world.

See more of KC’s work on his Facebook page at:

Connect with KC on Instagram: @kcnwakalor

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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