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10 Facts About Nigeria and Nigerian Culture


10 facts about Nigeria and Nigerian people.

1. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with more than 170 Million people living there. This means that 1 in every 7 Africans is a Nigerian, cool right?!

2. It’s always been said that there are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, with Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa being the main 3. However, one researcher said there are 371, and I found a list! Click here:

3. Nigeria is one of the oldest locations of human existence.

4. Nigeria is home of Nollywood; the Nigerian movie industry which was recently ranked as the second largest producers of movies in the world.

5. Nigerians are the happiest people on earth! Well, that’s what people say, but a 2003 BBC study of more than 65 countries actually proved it!

6. Nigeria is divided into thirty-six states with Abuja being the new capital as of 1991. The former capital was Lagos.

7. Nigerians love weddings! Whether it’s a traditional wedding full of culture or a “white wedding” with a white dress, Nigerians celebrate weddings quite often!

8. The 2006 Census found Nigerians to be the highest educated ethnic or racial group in America. Makes sense, being that education is highly prioritized in Nigerian homes!

9. Nigeria is warm most of the year in the south but hot in the North, especially in the North East and North West. There are two seasons; one being dry season, which runs from November to April; and rainy season, which runs from April to September with heavy rainfall in the south. Harmattan is the time in which cold, dry, and dusty weather ushers in the dry season all over the country from late November to early December.

10. Based on national GDP, in 2015, Nigeria had the strongest economy in Africa. Let’s see what happens in 2016! We have 3 months to find out 🙂

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