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Jerk Chicken: Culture Wednesdays.


History of Jerk Chicken.

I love how all the finest foods, customs, and traditions were derived from oppression. As Africans dispersed all over the world, we truly always had a means of survival. The history of Jerk chicken is no different, created by the Maroons of Jamaica, the slaves who escaped the British during a 1655 invasion.

The term “jerk” comes from the poking of the meat with a sharp utensil to allow the seasoning to go deep down into the meat. Traditionally, jerk was used for pork, and slow cooked over open fire pits; but now can be cooked on BBQ grills and even in the oven with a variety of meats!

The main ingredients in jerk seasoning are scotch bonnet pepper, pimento berries (allspice), and thyme. These spices are combined with scallion, onion, garlic, and other seasonings to make a marinade.

Click the video link above to watch how to make Jerk Chicken!

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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