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Fort Negro:

After the War of 1812 ended, there were over three hundred African Americans who occupied an abandoned British fort on the banks of the Apalachicola River, now known as Florida. Fort Negro was a heavily armed Black fort that was headed by an African American man. This fort became a symbol of Black independence and threatened the southern slave system. It was a high priority of United States Government to destroy the fort. The U.S. Navy and Army under Colonel Clinch surrounded Fort Negro and called on the men to surrender in the summer of 1816, but these men stood strong and refused. On July 27, 1816, an attack was made on the fort, but the strong army of African-American men repelled it. Although a second attach did explode the fort, 64 men survived. Also, think of progress! These courageous men stood up for what they believed in, in the face of adversity!

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