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Did you know there was a time when the Liberian government encouraged African-Americans to come settle in Liberia, even offering them land? In my interactions with Liberians, I notice many of them have American last names, here’s why. The Back to Africa movement, Colonization movement or Black Zionism, began in the United States in the 19th Century. The movement encouraged people of African descent to return to Africa, home of their ancestors. The Back to Africa movement was seen as a solution to the problems faced by Black people in America after having become free.

Liberia gained independence on 26 July 1847. They had an elected black government and offered free land to African American settlers; therefore, Liberia became the most common destination of African Americans who migrated during the 19th century. This migration increased after the Nat Turner revolution, in Virginia, in 1831.

Liberia was a source of freedom and equality but also provided a better life for Black Farmers. The Liberian government provided 25 acres of land for black families who migrated from America as well as 10 acres of land for a single person.

Americo-Liberians, is the term coined to describe these beloved people. I’m thankful for the strength of Black people who traveled back to settle in their home lands! It’s not an easy journey.

Remain blessed loves 💜

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