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Jollof rice, the rice that has Nigerians and Ghanains in a constant social media battle; the rice that is finished before the part even begins; the rice that can be seen at every African gathering. This rice is known and loved amongst people of all backgrounds, but who knew it originated in Senegalese culture!

Jollof Rice has origins traceable to the Wolof tribe in the
Senegambia (Senegal and Gambia) region of West Africa. Jollof rice is also called Benachin,
meaning, “one pot” in the Wolof language. Traditionally, the ingredients
are rice, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, salt, and chili pepper.
Other ingredients such as fish, vegetables, meats, ginger and other
spices can be added to enhance the taste. Today Jollof rice can be
prepared in different ways by the various peoples that savor it but the
basic ingredients remain the same.

Osikapa Jelof is popular in some villages in Southern Nigeria,
it is cooked with firewood, however, that is optional. Osikapa Jelof is
prepared by frying fresh tomatoes, fresh cut onion rings, and peppers in
semi-bleached palm oil. Crayfish, dry fish, salt, chopped curry leaves,
spices and broth are added to the sauce and then left to boil. Rice is
added and cooked until tender.

Check out the video to learn how to make this amazing rice on your own! Enjoy!

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