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Culture Tuesdays: Baianas


In Bahia, the region in Brazil largely populated by Afro-Brazilians, black women known as Baianas dress in clothing inspired by eighteenth century style. The women wear colorful, full-length skirts with carefully embroidered white blouses, sometimes worn off the shoulder. Baianas also wear scarves or turbans tightly wrapped around their heads.

You’ll find the Baiana women everywhere in the city of Salvador with their tabuleiros (trays and tables), selling their quitutes (traditional AfroBrazilian dishes). There is one traditional dish called acarajes, (a fritter of black-eyed peas fried in dende {palm oil}), (sounds like Nigerian Akara to me). The Baiana women are very popular for that dish.

I didn’t find much on these women but as time goes on I will find out more. Their style of dress reminds me of the Herero women of Namibia, I encourage you to research them as well!

Enjoy Loves 💜

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