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The Aboriginal people of Australia inhabited the land thousands of years before Europeans arrived. They are believed to be the first group of humans to migrate (on their own) out of Africa 60,000 years ago, and they are the first to discover Australia. Before the invasion of the Europeans, the aboriginals were both self-sufficient and harmonious (united), and had no need to travel far from their land. People only needed to work about 4-5 hrs per day to survive and they had a well established trade system.

An interesting fact about Aboriginal people today; they view their artwork as sacred and secret. Only a few select people are able to see it after having reached an acceptable level of knowledge of aboriginal history. Ayers Rock is the home an aboriginal sacred place named, “Uluru”, where artwork representing the dreams of aboriginals can be found. The meanings of these dreams are kept private by the aboriginals. Other aboriginal artwork includes paintings, beadwork, woodwork, bark paintings and baskets; the most famous being the boomerang. The boomerang is a banana-shaped stick that is thrown and eventually turns around and comes right back to the person who threw it.

There were hundreds of ethnic groups within the aboriginal people upon the Europeans arriving in Australia. Many had their distinct cultures and beliefs. According to an article written by the Australian government, ones ethnic ties governs their way of life. The article says, “…the system of kinship put everybody in a specific relationship to each other as well special relationships with land areas based on their clan or kin…Kinship influences marriage decisions and governs much of everyday behavior. By adulthood people know exactly how to behave, and in what manner, to all other people around them as well as in respect to specific land areas. Kinship is about meeting the obligations of one’s clan…” (

Aboriginals believe that the use of the term “thank you” is rude. That is because nice behavior and sharing is expected and is an obligation without an expectation of gratitude in return. Similar to some African cultures! ☺️

Hope you all enjoyed folks, there’s so much information on aboriginals, be sure to search and find out more! 💜

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