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Culture Tuesdays: Capoeira


This is absolutely awesome. Capoeira. A Brazilian dance that was created by slaves, covering up for the fact that they were actually fighting. That’s right, fighting. The slaves would fight one another but would get caught, they came up with this clever dance to avoid being punished by slave owners. When they were punished, both sides would be punished which was unfair to the winning side, with the dance, the winner would be declared and since the owners didn’t know they were fighting, they wouldn’t be punished.

These movements looked like dance to an outsider, but was actually a real fight between two men. Hands were not allowed, but feet, heads, heels, and legs were allowed. They also use handstands and cartwheels. All of this was accompanied by music! Today, Brazilians and many others practice this as a form of exercise.

Check out a video of the dance by watching above or clicking the link below!

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