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Diasporans Making A Difference: 22


Who is 22?

22, also known as Shatina Davis was raised in Richmond, VA.  She is now a resident of Suffolk, VA with her loving husband and two amazing children. Her heart is to spread Gods message through rap to all the masses.

She has always had a love for music and started a group called Star22 with her brother. After God had moved through this ministry, it was time for 22 to start her own ministry.

Many people take a lifetime to find out their purpose on earth. 22 found out her purpose at the age of 22, hence the stage name. She started her ministry and has been running for the Lord ever since.

22 released her first mixtape, “The Introduction” in 2015 which is available for FREE download. She has opened up for such artists as Sinai and Legin from Renaissance Movement Music.

22 is full of life and personality in person but when she steps on stage, you feel the power and transparent side of her. She is just getting started and cannot wait to see what God has in store for her.

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Connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @notbysight22

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