Creativity is not a word often associated with the tech world. Yet, Chika Umeadi has managed to create a legacy from what he calls being an “no-box creative”. Like many people born in his generation, he was challenged with the opportunity to change the world, but for Chika it wasn’t just about changing the world, but giving the world power to create change for itself.

This mission took him down several paths, from serving as a City Year Corps member in Washington DC, to traveling across the world mentoring and learning from the some of the smartest minds of tomorrow.

But a true calling for the fast growing tech world placed him at startups in the United States and Nigeria, with a core focus on leveraging analytics to improve business decisions and outcomes.

Today, Chika is the co-founder of tiphub, a mentorship driven community that provides mentorship, community building and investments for seed stage technology ventures in Africa and the African Diaspora.

With expertise that lives at the intersection of business and technology, Chika Umeadi helps others realize the potential of this intersection to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Find out more at TipHub.org

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