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Go ahead, try and prove me wrong :-)

I was told before starting my journey as a Namibian teacher that “the learners in Namibia have a hard time thinking critically”. i challenged that statement when I heard it. I asked the person, “well did you try and help them with that when you were teaching in Namibia?” From then I knew what and how I was going to teach these learners. The lessons I have been giving them have allowed them to definitely think critically, and guess what? They did! My learners have no problem thinking critically, and as a matter of fact, they catch on very quickly. There might be one or two that need me to explain or show something again but once I do, they’re on it. I have had them work in groups to create business flyers for their own made-up businesses, i have had them interview each other, and was surprised at the depth of the questions they asked; I’ve had them write their Autobiographies, I’ve had them do powerpoints. And to my surprise, they all told me that they never knew or learned these things before I came to Namibia to teach them, but somehow, the work they do in my class shows that they are capable of anything. Imagine, I teach grades 8-12, these are some people who have told me they never touched a computer, but If I show someone all the work they’ve done, they wouldn’t believe that some of that work was done by someone who has never touched a computer. There is something about traveling outside of the U.S. that makes one challenge everything they’ve ever been told or believed. It makes you realize that your way of life is such a small portion of the many ways of life there are in this world. It makes you start thinking more critically about the decisions you make, and allows you to become more accepting, but less tolerant of nonsense. Life is what you make it.

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