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Better with time

Sometimes it’s the little things that make teaching awesome. I learn so much from my learners. I’m very hard on them in the classroom because I expect the best from them in my short time here. Today I took over a class for an absent teacher who had an emergency to attend to back in his hometown. It was my favorite class, which helped, but they were just in the class doing nothing. i went there and they wre in the middle of doing nominations for an organization that allows student ambassadors to represent their school politically. I forgot the name to the organization, but trust me they were anxious about being picked for this position! After that was over, and the nominees from that class were picked, I told everyone to quiet down. I drew a hangman logo on the board and asked them if they knew what game it was. They all knew immediately! So I began to play hangman with them since although they were in their math period, I know nothing about math. The game allowed them to calm down and participate in a game which requires cooperation. They were each calling out letters and trying to guess what I was saying and I was just laughing in joy at their excitement. Finally the phrase as finished, “please be quiet” was the final answer. Everyone began to laugh becuase it is a phrase I say often. The next one I did was “Why are you laughing?” Again we all laughed because that is another one of my favorite phrases. Afterwards I felt it was necessary to let some learners get a chance. 7 learners got a chance to do their own hangman. We had so much fun trying to figure out what everyone wanted to write. One learner misspelled a word and tried to add more letters, that was funny because he tried to be slick, lol. All in all, I wish I had a camera because I love those moments where simple things make everyone so happy. I can see them outside of being learners, I just see them as kids who want to have fun just like any other kid.

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