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South African House Music!

So we went to a club in Windhoek, Namibia. #1, They definitely know how to party, dress, dance, and all of the above. It’s not like I thought Namibians/ South Africans didn’t do any of those things, but it’s definitely a side of Africa that is hidden from the media. #2, South African House Music!!! Is Awesome. Richard and I had a ball of course, with our new shoes from the mall in Namibia lol. Rachel (Summer coordinator) came with us who wanted to go. Kaylan (the field director) came later and it was even more fun! They played about 3 hip hop American songs and went right back to the South African House. It’s not a grind fest like American clubs, people just go out to dance and have a good time. It was free too! My kind of place! The original place we were supposed to go to was 50 Namibian Dollars which was not very fun looking so we didn’t go inside.  Anyway the place was fun but we had to prepare to travel to our sites the next day so we left around 12:30….. Before all this, we went to a Traditional Herero restaurant, Herero’s are an ethnic group in Namibia. We had all sorts of meat (Namibians love meat) and potato salad, sweet potatoes, and a donut, Namibian Style. I have to say the food was really good but I did not enjoy the liver or the sweet potatoes. I loved the sheep and beef, and fish. It’s amazing how one tribe may season something a little different than another tribe and it be two completely different meals.

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